The Israeli Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome association (R.A)

העמותה הישראלית לתסמונת וויסקוט אולדריץ' (ע"ר)

Who we are?

The Israeli Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome Association is a nonprofit organization established on May 2011 by Odeia and Amir Kedar, parents of Jonathan who was born with Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome (WAS). Our objectives are to encourage clinical and basic research on WAS  to create an international medical registry in order to provide data for research; to educate physicians about WAS and to encourage awareness to the syndrome among healthcare professionals and the public.

About WAS

What is WAS?

Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) is a very rare life-threatening genetic disorder that affects mostly male infants. Approximatly four out of one million male infants worldwide are diadgnosed with WAS (e.g. less than 20 in Israel and less than 30,000 patients worldwide). WAS affects the immune system, as well as the platelets, which are the blood cells that prevent excessive bleeding.

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WAS research project

The Israeli WAS Association launched an ambitious research project in 2011, aiming to find a curative treatment for the Thrombocytopenia in WAS. 100% of WAS patients suffer from Micro-thrombocytopenia, a major risk to our children (over 20% mortality, mainly from hemorrhages). We hope that during this ongoing project, we will be able to help develop a new treatment for the Micro-thrombocytopenia in WAS that will enable to keep our children safe.

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How can you help?

Our projects are made possible with your involvement and generous support. Please support our research, education and awareness projects through your donation.

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Our Details

The Israeli Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome Association (R.A),
2 Ben Gurion Rd. (box 122) Ramat-Gan, 5257334, Israel
Tel: +972-54-8118230
Fax: +972-3-6122788

Crucial Donation

Your donation supports WAS-IL activities and is dedicated to encourage and promote the WAS research.

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